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May 23, 2011. 1.  Smothing concrete on wall.  Gich Vocational Center under construction, 2011 project.  The woman is Pari Tawos, president of Gich Vocational Center.  2.  Rock throwing:  Singul Vocational Center, a CAI 2011 project, under contruction.  3.  Cement blocks:  Damal Gam Elementary School, under construction.  Hindu Kush mountain range is behind them.  4.  Parkolti High School.  Teachers and community members gather to greet us.  CAI is adding 5 rooms to the middle school to make it Parkolti High School.  It was originally an Agha Khan elementary school, which the community had made into a middle school.  Now CAI will make it into a high school.   In front of house next to school:   IfDikhar, 13, boy. Pinin Shah, CAI carpenter (dad).  Sadia, 10. 5.  Hunder Women's Vocational Center.  Id's:  Lunch with Lal Begum, 38,  (red/black scarf), a widow with two young children.  Family at home near Hunder Women's Vocation Center.   Photo by Ellen Jaskol.