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INTRODUCTION CAPTION:   In the horror of the killing fields in Cambodia, Randa and Setan Lee saw many of their friends and family murdered, one by one.  Students, teachers, military officers.  Lined up and killed.  Something led Setan and Randa Lee separately though those terrible day, keeping them alive.  Burttressed by their faith, they found refuge in Aurora, Colorado, and rebuilt their lives while pledging to do whatever they could to rebuild their shattered homeland.  Now they've built a women's center in Cambodia, to offer a new spiritual and physical life to the most forlorn and forgotten of their country:  women sold or forced by desperation into prostitution.  THIS PHOTO:  Prostitutes Lin Na, 36, left, and Sok Leap, 21, stand in front of Lin Na's room in their brothel  in the prostitute district Phnom Penh, Cambodia.   They have agreed to the visit the women's center to decide if they want to live there and to learn one of the trades taught there, sewing or cosmetology.